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February 24th, 2014 · No Comments

Shoe-fies are like Selfies but obviously for your feet! See, I don’t have a pretty smile or an ageless face, so I HATE taking selfies…anything that close up is heresy. However, just today I heard Usher entitle taking pics of his shoes as Shoe-fies. I like it.

 For the past few years, ever since I learned how to use the cool camera aspect of my fancy-schmancy cell phone (yes it took me a long time, shut up already), I have been sending one of my age-old GalPal’s photos of my shoes.  GalPal has always had the most wonderful shoe collection, mine could never compare to the fact that she actually owns Manolo Blahnik, Louboutin and Burberry. I am green with envy!

 However, one horrible day, GalPal fell and broke her foot! Like Robocop, she now has plates and pins and staples…poor foot will never be the same. The most tragic thing ever is that she can no longer wear any of her fabulous shoe collection. Even more tragic? She can’t even “donate” them to me as she has stinking tiny feet! Arghhhhhh.

 So, as a way of sharing fun shoe days with my GalPal, anything from engineer boots to zebra stripe stilettos, I take a quick pic and send it her way. Now a lay person, to my personality, would assume I was sending her pics of my shoes to rub it in her face, but GalPal knows it’s to let her know I was thinking of her that day.

 She now has moved onward and upward to her hair and sends me quick pics of her newest ‘do. Again, green with envy! I can change my shoes for every outfit, but I have had the same hairstyle for 30 years…now that’s tragic.

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