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She’s A Big Girl Now

August 13th, 2009 · No Comments

Unfortunately, Sari and her family live two hours north of me now, so I was unable to physically be there for the first day of Kindergarten! As it turns out, this was probably a good thing.

On Monday, Sari and Kev take Scooter to her new school! Parents and children are required to stand in an orderly, single-file line to enter the school and of course, there is a back up. Sari, equipped with her brand new, fancy-schmancy camera, is clicking away! Out loud she states, “I’ve already taken 21 pictures and my memory card only has 479 left”.  Laughter erupts from all of the parents in line [embarrassing moment #1].

In the classroom, Sari shows Scooter her desk, and where to put her school supplies, and where to hang her backpack… Sari realizes Scooter’s lunchbox is in her backpack so Sari drags Scooter back to that area to show her where her lunchbox is, then back to her desk…then Scooter gives the face (you know that face), “Momma!” she yells [embarrassing moment #2].

Finally, leaving the classroom and passing by all of the other parents and children in the hallway, Sari begins to cry. Not just a soft whimper, mind you, but a great big blubbering bawl topped off with an uncontrollably obnoxious snort! [embarrassing moment #3].

After eight hours at work, wondering and fretting over what the Scooter had been doing all day at her first day of school and after school care, Sari picks her up and asks her what her favorite part of the day was. The reply is “snack time”, and that is all she felt like sharing. I guess that is a better answer than “nothing”.

Sari calls me later in the evening to tell me all about the first day. She then asks me how I managed to get through all this emotional stuff with three kids all by myself, when having an involved daddy and only one kid is torture enough.


She really is a big girl now.

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