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February 5th, 2010 · No Comments

The weather here has been great for movie watching. The consistent and relentless rain makes the movie theater the best place to be on the weekends. Although some of my pals in the northern states are experiencing snowstorms, I’d rather be in Bama. Gee, this global warming stuff is really harsh, eh? Whatever. 

All of our favorite movie stars have been putting out new movies lately. Two weekends ago, we went to see Denzel Washington in The Book of Eli. Talk about slooooow. Didn’t care for that one at all. Too bad though, I had high hopes for a post apocalyptic Mad Max theme. Then last weekend Mel Gibson showcased his first movie starring role in nearly eight years. The Edge of Darkness was very heavy and a bit intense. I can’t say it was a bad movie, but it’s definitely not going to be ranked as one of my favorite Mel movies. This weekend we are going to see Hubby’s favorite, John Travolta in From Paris with Love. I’ve always liked the roles where Travolta plays a bad guy. Face Off and Broken Arrow are two that come to mind. So I hope this new one is along those lines.

Finally, in two weeks, Bruce Willis has a new one coming out, Cop Out. Unfortunately, it also stars Tracy Morgan. I’ve never really cared for him, it’s mostly has to do with his whiney voice. Very irritating. Hopefully, Bruce will do most of the talking.  
Have a great weekend everyone!

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