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March 6th, 2012 · No Comments

Hubby and I had a health insurance plan for several years. It had a smaller monthly premium, but a large deductible. It was sufficient for our needs as we just don’t go to doctors on a regular basis. Neither of us is anything near a hypochondriac and we certainly do not suffer from Munchausen’s Syndrome. Neither of us has any prescriptions or need for medical supplies. We only kept the insurance coverage for emergencies. Over time the premiums kept increasing every year and soon the monthly payment was second only to the house payment in size. It felt like we were writing this hefty monthly check (of our hard earned money) and tossing it right down the proverbial drain. It made me angry. We had not been using the insurance for anything. We didn’t go to doctors, we didn’t waste time and money on senseless
tests and made up ailments. The insurance company was not paying a dime for any
medical procedures! Yet my premium kept going up and up and up! I discontinued
the insurance out of protest. I could just as easily save $5,000 per year, put
it in a savings account and pay cash for any medical emergency! BASTARDS! Take

Then Hubby turned 55. So I applied for a new plan and they turned me down. Seems if you are not healthy enough for their standards you cannot have their coverage. Hubby’s age, height and weight did not fit the “requirements”. So, he has to go to a doctor to get medical care to make him healthy enough to be accepted by the health insurance company, but then, the health insurance plan won’t cover the pre-existing medical diagnosis that was just administered in order to be accepted by the health insurance company.

I need a doctor like I need a hole in the head.

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