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Scooter in Wonderland?

October 30th, 2009 · No Comments

Sari, Kev and Scooter are travelling abroad. Points of interest include Zaghreb, Croatia and Vienna, Austria and Belgrade, Serbia. Not your typical hot tourist destinations, but how often do we ugly Americans get such interesting opportunities?

No, my family is not ugly, but they are silly. So far, a few funny tales have been relayed: 

Scooter has never been too fond of people dressed up in animal costumes and has never been to keen on Santa or the Easter Bunny, etc… It’s quite an ordeal just to get those annual photo ops at the mall, let alone the trauma of Disney World (but that’s a different story). So anyway, “Santa” is spied sitting near Daddy on the plane over the Atlantic. A long flight indeed and Scooter was keeping her eye on him perhaps getting up the gumption to sit on his lap and ask for a new Barbie this year? When suddenly, “Santa” had some kind of medical emergency (either a heart attack or minor stroke). Thank goodness he was quickly whisked to First Class and cared for, so “Santa” did not die in front of small children. Sheesh! I could not even imagine how badly the holidays could have spiraled down into complete catastrophe this year… However, Sari’s great plan is to fake some labor pains and perhaps check out First Class for herself during the long flight home. (That girl is always thinking.) 

Next, no matter how many times Hubby and I tried to explain to Sari that American electronics just don’t work across the pond without special adaptors, she still insisted upon taking her all important flat iron and then proceeded to complain that she could not do her hair proper on a daily basis.  

Finally, the showstopper of the trip would be Scooter, of course. Apparently she packed her Halloween Costume. Keep in mind that these countries do not celebrate Halloween and would find it odd to see someone wondering around on an average day in her SuperGirl Costume. Leave it to my Granddaughter! The Princess must always dress for every occasion. Is it any wonder that other countries find us to be…arrogant? Thee are still several days left in this storyline…stay tuned.  

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