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October 19th, 2009 · No Comments

Here’s a true story that just gets creepier with time…

Kiddie Boos and I first moved to the Ham in 1997, where my soon-to-be husband had already set up the homestead near his family. Hubby has a niece, Sin, who is the same age as my Sari, naturally they became fast friends. They called themselves the Twin Cousins as their birthdays were only one day apart.

Over the years, the Twin Cousins had long since moved away from each other and their lives led them each on separate paths.

Fast forward to 2004, whereby each found out the other was pregnant with their first child. Magically, they each had healthy daughters and both were born during the Month of April, 2004. Second Twin Cousins were able to meet and spend some time getting to know each other. There were several trips between states and pictures to document the growth.

Again, the Twin Cousins and Second Twin Cousins drifted apart. Sari married her High School Sweetheart and started a new career. Sin moved to New York to try to become famous and when she failed, she moved to North Carolina to live with girlfriends on a Marine base. Then we lost track of her for a while.

Fast forward again to 2009, whereby Sari is pregnant with her second child and just found out it will be a boy. We have long discussions of possible boy names and the realization that this will be the first boy since 23 years ago, when Boy came into our lives. Boy has competition! I wonder how he feels about this? He has always been the one, the only Boy! I will need to come up with a new title for the new grandson. I’ve been using Scooter as the granddaughter’s moniker, so I think I will go with Scout for the newest addition to our family in Blogland. As in Boy Scout. Scout will make his debut in March of 2010. We are all so excited, even Boy!

The topper on this cake is that we just found out that Sin is pregnant again as well! She and her daughter moved to Georgia and moved in with a man not too far away from Hubby’s brother.  Rumor has it that Sin will be having a c-section in March 2010 and although she has not had her doctor appointment to confirm if it is a boy or a girl, she insists it will be a boy this time.

Twin Cousins Factor strikes again (cue Twilight Zone music)…

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