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Rockin’ Like Dokken *

July 3rd, 2008 · 1 Comment

Hi. I’m Kim and I’m a Butch-a-holic.

(Hiiiii Kiiiiiiim)

Butch Walker is finally doing another concert at home! The last time I had tickets to see this clever singer/songwriter/producer was nearly two years ago, but something came up and I could not go. I ended up giving my cherished tickets to Boy.

This time I am there tight jeans and all! Yes, I know I am too old to fawn over a rock star, but I can’t help it. I love all of his music with his very funny sense of humor and unique perspective in his lyrics. I am in awe.

Hubby understands that if I would ever leave him for another man it would only be for Butch and he’s OK with that. Besides, if he dutifully allows me to drag him with me to a concert, listens to me sing (butcher) all of the songs and stare all dewy-eyed for a few short hours, afterwards he is bound to get great sex. BONUS!

My entire Butch fascination started in 1997 when we moved from Ohio (the frozen tundra) to Alabama (wearing T-shirts in January still trips my trigger). Me and the kiddie-boos were adjusting to having a man around the house again and we were 700 miles away from everything we ever knew, so we started going to concerts together as a family. The local outside amphitheater was a great place all summer long to see dozens of bands from unknowns to top billboard names. This is when I met Butch Walker for the first time. Love at first sight. Boy will always claim he turned me onto Butch, but I am the one who took him to his first Butch concert. Trump that.

Ever since that first encounter Boy and I make it a Mecca to go to Atlanta to see him together. He will be at the Center Stage in Atlanta on July 25th and 26th. Boy, Roommate, Hubby and me will all be there on Saturday night creaming in our jeans (well probably just me). BONUS!

If you’ve yet to enjoy any Butch Walker music he has plenty of web sites just Google him or You-Tube these songs: The Best Thing You Never Had or Cigarette Lighter Love Song among many others of course.

*This is a lyric in Get Down. You’re already beginning to feel the love aren’t you?

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  • 1 Valerie // Jul 4, 2008 at 11:18 am

    When will those rotten kids ever learn that they will never be half as cool as we were? I mean, come on… I got my kids backstage on at least two occasions. I don’t see them getting me backstage anywhere…

    We should post pictures of the Edwin McCain Massacre. Someday, when I have time to scan all of those old-fashioned photos I have that don’t just automatically download to the my computer. (And we won’t mention the several rolls of film in my closet that have yet to be developed.)

    God, I love technology.

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