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September 9th, 2008 · No Comments

The Car-tastrophe Twins are at it again. Sari and Boy are genetically connected like identical twins when it comes to their automotive vehicles and the systematic destruction thereof.  For some un-godly reason they always do everything car-related in pairs.  One breaks down, the other breaks down within days. One gets a break-in, the other gets a break-in within days. It is so bad that this eerie expectation is now accompanied by a fair warning phone call between them.

“Hi, Boy? Yeah, well I just got hit by a drunk driver. The whole side of my car is smashed.”

Which is quickly returned with, “Hi, Sari? Yeah, I just got side swiped by an eighteen-wheeler. The whole side of my car is in pieces.”

You may think I am making this shit up, but I swear that every word is freakishly true. This weekend, Sari borrowed Hubby’s pick-up truck. It is always a gamble to loan a perfectly good vehicle to the Car-tastrophe Twins, but we try to be supportive parents. It just usually works out that we end up paying for it in the end. This time is no different. She called me in a panic on the side of the road. Result: truck towed and new clutch will cost over $800.00, but who’s counting?

Boy calls me today and says, “Even when it’s not HER car! I hate Sari.”

His clutch may cost closer to $2k, but who’s counting?

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