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July 3rd, 2012 · No Comments

HOTLANTA lived up to it’s name this weekend. Saturday and Sunday hit 106 degrees, record breaking heat wave! Whew! It was so hot! (How hot was it?) It was so hot tires were literally melting and falling off of the cars on the Interstate. I watched an SUV limp up an off ramp on its bare rim. The rest of the trip was a lot like playing a video game. We dodged tire pieces big and small the entire way!

Hubby and I spent the weekend with BIL and SIL. Two fabulous hosts with a terrific house and an amazing backyard oasis! Now between them, they have 5 children and 8 grandchildren, which explains why they have so much fun stuff in their yard. However, these adorable family members often take over nearly every weekend; especially in the summer! But this weekend, BIL and SIL proclaimed an ALL ADULT WEEKEND (all children were banned from 5 pm Friday through 5 pm Sunday). So, yes, we adults acted like children most of the time ourselves. We
ate pizza and had some tasty drinks; swam in the pool, slid down the slide, cannonballs off the diving board; even handstands underwater. We drank white Sangria while reading trashy magazines and gossiped about the celebrities caught on camera with no makeup! We grilled out hot dogs and soaked up sun, but mostly just relaxed in lounge chairs and relished the fact that we had no timelines, no requirements, no schedules and no responsibilities of other people’s children.

Even though BIL and SIL never even left their own home, I’m certain they enjoyed their own retreat even more than Hubby and I!  So next time they need an excuse to ban the children; we will gladly paint ourselves blue, take the place of William Wallace, and take the hit so they can have a little taste of FREEDOM!


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