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Reindeer Games 2011

December 13th, 2011 · No Comments

I made the mistake of purchasing lighted outdoor reindeer
décor for my lawn three years ago. I bought them used at a yard sale (got a
great deal) but I had to re-wire and re-light all 5 of them plus Santa’s
sleigh. It was a long, tedious and arduous job. I do not recommend it to anyone
(so much for the great deal).

So for three Christmas’ now I have dug them out of storage, updated any broken or burned out bulbs, repaired any frayed wires or bent parts and wrangled them into the yard along with miles of extension cords which requires just shy of an engineering degree, I swear.

Obviously I take my reindeer seriously or I would not go
through the trouble every season, so when young whipper-snappers vandalize my
reindeer by positioning them into compromising positions I get a little angry.
The first time was actually funny, the second time was annoying and then when
bulbs are broken and wiring is dismantled…I get super angry.

Do you remember the movie, Home Alone, where young Kevin is left behind in the big old house to foil the bumbling would-be robbers? Kevin masterfully creates home-made booby-traps of broken ornaments on the floor, ice on the stairs and paint cans that fall
from the ceiling.

Some may say McCauley Caulkin himself strung fishing line
across the stone staircase, dropped marbles on the flagstone walkway and
hot-glued push pins (pointy side out) to several of the obvious places a person
might man handle a defenseless reindeer…

One…two…ten! Keep the change ya filthy animal!

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