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March 23rd, 2011 · No Comments

This weekend I decided to get rid of all of the stuff that was currently annoying me. (Yes, Hubby came close) I started with the refrigerator because although I have the best intentions of actually eating those leftovers from Olive Garden; let’s face it, I never will. Then I moved on to the countertops where I found four bags of opened potato chips…stale open potato chips…

Then there is that spot on the kitchen island…you know the one…it’s a magnet for all things CRAP!  Mail, keys, pens, pocket change…you name it, it collects there. I found an outdoor speaker sitting there, an Allen wrench, numerous business cards, an electric shaver base unit and those infamous disappearing nail clippers. I hate that spot. Out damn spot!

The final destination was the laundry room. I feel I have been running non-stop for at least the entire month of March and I am not one to let laundry pile up, but it has. The washer has been acting up and I have asked Hubby to look at it several times. He has not. Hence, Hubby’s strong appearance on the top ten annoying list.

Just as I was about to hang the HUSBAND FOR SALE sign out, he went out and purchased a brand new washer and dryer set. It will be delivered on Tuesday.

I guess Hubby does have his redeeming qualities after all.

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