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Recessive Genes

July 26th, 2010 · No Comments

Several of us went up to the Lake this weekend. One of Boy’s friends invited us to come to their lake house for the day. It was just what we needed, as we needed a “home base” for babies and necessary bathroom breaks with small children (and Grandpa’s with small bladders). It was incredibly hot! Even the lake water felt like bath water. But we got to take the boat out and play in the water for the day.

Scooter did NOT have one television moment for an entire day! Now that’s something to sing about! There was not one meltdown about bees or bugs. Not one complaint about dirty feet or dirty lake water. She played a little soccer, she played a little volleyball. She jumped right in the lake and took off swimming with her pink vest and alligator float. She climbed to the very front of the boat and hung over the tip like that guy from Titanic. I think she was King of the World for a moment. It was great!

Also, the smallish bear, Scout, got to dip his feet in the lake and chill-ax near the dock under a nice shade tree. He also got to bask in the love that every female at that lake house had to share with him. Believe me he knows how to charm the ladies already at the ripe old age of 5 months.

The funniest part of the day was that several people were new to our family dynamic. Boy has red hair and Scooter and Scout have red hair. (Apparently my family is in charge of re-populating the ginger colony.) Several of the younger-set were convinced that Boy’s sister was one of Sari’s friends, who also has strawberry blonde hair, and that Scooter was his baby sister. They had no concept of Sari at all, other than she must just be a friend. And the silliest part was that they were convinced that Scout was mine! Ahhhhhh! Uh….No.

Anyway, it took a lot of explaining to prove the family unit. And that redheads do not have to come ONLY from other redheads. I’m now convinced that high schools no longer teach genetics in their health classes. Do they even have health class anymore? Perhaps it should be a required course in college? Let us review:

Red hair is caused by a relatively rare recessive gene, the expression of which can skip generations. Red hair can originate from several different changes on the MC1R-gene. If one of these changes is present on both chromosomes then the respective individual is likely to have red hair. This type of inheritance is described as an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance. Even if both parents do not have red hair themselves, both can be carriers for the gene and have a redheaded child.

And for those who thought redheads were about to become extinct, it is not likely to disappear at any time in the foreseeable future, at least not with my family reproducing! Power to the Gingers!

(all factoids accredited to Wikipedia)

A big shout out to the 3 new babies born this month! Perhaps you too can be part of the club!

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