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June 5th, 2009 · No Comments

Discussion: Jon and Kate Plus Eight. Face it, after 5 seasons of tedious screaming meltdowns, remarkably fun-less field trips and Kate’s dictatorial house rule, the show needed a little ramping up. Introduce attractive secondary characters, follow wondering eyes, and mix with sexy innuendo…now things are just getting interesting!

I am often making fun of reality TV shows. What a waste of production time and primetime. However, the more I look around the more I see what would make just as good, if not better, viewing hilarity. For example, I think Hooter’s would make a killing on putting cameras in one of their stores and then following some of the girls around in their real lives. Much more drama and action than any Housewives from (insert state here). Jay Leno aired two Hooter’s girls from Colorado during the Obama election and of course, the televised Bikini Contests are always a winner with the male demographics.

My Employer often threatens to put a camera in his “band room” at home. As he says, plenty of aging musicians from differing backgrounds that would make for decent comic relief (not to mention the alcohol consumption, no doubt). The bonus is that none of them look half as scary as that aging model on this summer’s “15 minute Hall-of-famers Camping-in-the-Forest” show. Can you even technically call them celebrities? I would just call them plain unattractive.

Sari is employed in a plastic surgeon’s office. She says with one male doctor, four female employees and all of the interesting clientele, this would make for great TV fodder. There’s divorce, pregnancies, adultery, gossip, blood… Unlike “Grey’s Anatomy”, it’s all real!

I guess the truth about television reality shows is that they just can’t be real. Once a camera is turned on everyone dreams of thanking the academy one day. Stephen Baldwin and Jeff Conaway are two likely contenders for the Reality TV Oscar, as apparently they each have never met a reality TV show they didn’t make an appearance on.

Coming soon, Stephen and Jeff; playing an instrument, getting breast implants and dressing in little orange shorts. Ewwww…


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