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November 17th, 2011 · No Comments

Anyone who thinks REALITY TV is actual reality needs a reality check! No folks, not one single television show with the term “reality” used as the genre is actually REAL! NOT ONE! Sorry. But I’m right and you know it. Nope, not even your beloved fat busters or house builders…not one isn’t scripted, edited or adjusted for your dramatic television viewing pleasure.

The newest funny comment directed at REALITY TV is the request to boycott the Kardashians. Apparently, some online petition has been submitted to E! TV, requesting that the cable network cancel Keeping up with the Kardashians “because it emphasizes the wrong values”. (According to 67,000 signatures, so far anyway.) Ummm…Hellooooo E! TV is to be known for promoting good values? Are you kidding me? You all must still think that MTV still stands for MUSIC. Oy.

I’m going to be the judgmental one here and just tell you all how easy it is to CHANGE THE DAMN CHANNEL! Try watching some Hallmark Channel or National Geographic. I gotta tell ya, Rocket City Rednecks is hilarious. If you actually believe in reality television, that is.


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