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September 16th, 2010 · No Comments

Sunday night I wake from a scary dream. I grab the Hubby and tell him Joe Paterno is trying to kill me with a truck. Of course, the man is half asleep and has no idea what I am babbling about. He simply wraps me up in his arms and says that he will save me. We both fall back to sleep.

In the morning, Hubby asks about the dream. I tell him, I saw Joe Paterno driving one of those giant semi-trucks and trying to run me down. The kind of trucks that have the scary faces painted on the grill, just like in that silly 80’s movie, Overdrive. I think it starred Emilio Estevez (I was like, Emiliooooooooooo*) where the evil trucks come to life and try to kill people. I don’t know why Joe Paterno was trying to kill me with a truck, but that is all I can remember of the dream.

Later that day, I am at work and having a heated debate on the phone with another attorney. This character actually hangs up on me. Seriously? Do you think you are safe now? Oh no. No one hangs up on me and gets away scott free. I called the schmuck right back and finished my point of contention. I’m not afraid of you. I work in a law office too, big damn deal…

And as I am clarifying my point, I ask this guy for his name so I know who I am going to put a hex on later and he tells me his name is Trevor Trucks. You’re name is what? Trucks? Seriously?

I am now convinced that JoePa was NOT trying to kill me, but warn me about trucks. Eerie coincidence or am I just mental?

And don’t you find it interesting that it was not Nick Saban who warned me…

(*reference to A Night at the Roxbury)

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