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December 21st, 2010 · No Comments

Saturday night, 7pm, I drive to the Walgreen’s to get Hubby more cold medicine. He sounds like Darth Vader and gives me nightmares. I am in sweats,a pony tail and ratty boots. I pull into the parking lot just as two other cars pull in and park. Here we are, three women strolling into the Walgreen’s on a happening Saturday night. All three of us walk straight back to the cold and flu section at the very back of the store. All three of us stand there, eyes glazed at the eight thousand different choices… Now what?

I’ve noticed not one of us is the one coughing or sneezing. Yet we stand there reading all the labels outloud. There is one is for coughing, one for sneezing, one for fever, aches, pains, congestion…one puts you to sleep and one keeps you awake…one has vapors, one is liquid, others are tablet…there are gels, time released capsules, self-dissolving or effervesent.

We each pick up bottles, packages and boxes. We each put them back and try again. After about 20 minutes of wasted time, I purchase 4 different choices. One syrup for coughing, one effervesent non-drowsy for a variety of cold symptons and one Day-quil and one Nyquil. Pretty sure I covere d every base! Please get better baby!

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