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July 24th, 2008 · No Comments

For some unknown reason, Hubby and I came across the Denise Richards “It’s Complicated” show. She and some girlfriends were in Hawaii enjoying an all girl vacation.  At one point in time they decide to go to a private beach and sun bathe topless (even though the photogs have been chasing her since she got off the plane). The Brilliant One thought she would not be followed? Umm… did anyone remind her that everything she does is being videoed for a TV show? Anyway, afterwards she and her gal pals are in their hotel room discussing their boobs. One says hers are now sagging, one says hers are bigger than before having kids and The Brilliant One says that she still has one perky boob.

Hubby latches onto this comment.

He says I have never had perky boobs. He says when he first met me I was way too skinny to even have boobs and now that I have gotten older I have nice boobs. Nice boobs? What the hell is a nice boob? Not perky? What does that mean? And if I was too skinny before does that mean I am a great big porker now?

Now he is scared. He is quite certain he has opened mouth and inserted foot and really didn’t mean to.

I love this game! I pretend to be terribly offended and watch as he squirms for redemption.

He now says he is really not quite sure what a “perky boob” is.  What? Are you envisioning Madonna in one of her infamous underwear-on-the-outside outfits? Or perhaps Paula Abdul in one of her over-the-top (literally) push up bras?

He has no words, instead he climbs over to my side of the couch and cuddles up with me and says, “You’re my favorite”.

Ok, Ok, I will let it go for now, but you know it will come back to haunt him…

Expect it when you least expect it, I always say.

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