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Piccadilly Burning

June 13th, 2012 · No Comments

Recently I saw a picture from my hometown showing the burning of my old apartment building on Piccadilly Lane. The kids and I moved into the two bedroom – one bath apartment in 1990. The four of us called it home for over five years. It is kinda sad to see that it is gone, nothing but a pile of burnt rubble now. We had good memories there. Eldest daughter Britt and I had a moment of reminiscence…

Britt: Remember the dozens of “pets” we had there? A turtle, bunnies, piggies, cats, a dog, an iguana, mice and a bird.

Me: I remember the turtle obviously hated us so much, he knocked over his crate, walked off the side of the 2nd floor balcony, bounced off the grill below and ran faster than any turtle has ever run before.

Britt: Remember we used to get into so much trouble for throwing rocks in the pool?

Me: I remember getting so mad after fishing them out of the pool for the 100th time, that I accidently threw a rock and left a permanent scar on Sari’s head.

Britt: Remember my scar?

Me: I remember telling you for the 100th time to stay away from the garbage dumpster!

Britt: Remember throwing me and Sari out in the rain?

Me: I remember you two convinced Boy he was adopted and unwanted. He got ice cream for dinner, you two got a walk in the rain.

Gee, it seems that apartment wasn’t so great for memories after all.

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