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February 26th, 2009 · 1 Comment

I admit that I am a bit of a neat freak, I tend to rearrange just for the fun of it and when I am angry I clean for the sheer power of it. The ultimate control over all I own. The Overlord of Disinfectant.  My hilarious children stuffed my Christmas stocking with travel cans of Lysol. (Yes, I secretly loved it).

Hubby, however, is slightly different… actually he is completely and utterly the total opposite! His office desk is covered in a thick layer of unopened junk mail, customer invoicing and Diet Pepsi cans (we now just call it pop art). I don’t think he is physically capable of closing his dresser drawers all the way and depositing dirty laundry INTO the laundry basket/hamper is harder than it looks obviously, because his stuff lands just outside of the basket and on the floor instead.

Point being that I do not complain about cleaning, I actually enjoy it.  However, if there is only ONE job for the Hubby to, only ONE job that he is expected to address, only ONE job that is his to maintain…


The most annoying part is that this ONE requirement used to be Boy’s chore when he lived at home and the Hubby nagged and rode him hard if he didn’t complete it.

Yes, folks the simple ONE chore I ask of Hubby is to take out the trash. That means empty the cans all over the house, fill the outside can and roll it to the curb on trash days. He has NEVER emptied all of the cans all over the house. I do it. I fill the main can in the kitchen and hope that he will take it out when the bag is full. He does not. I do it. I remind him to push the big can out on trash days. He does not. I do it.

So the other day I offered a trade. I figure that if the trash is such a time consuming, back breaking and difficult job, then I will do it and I will trade up equally with my chores. If the trash is so hard to do, then he can now clean out the fireplaces, strip the beds and wash the sheets, scrub the toilets, run the sweeper, do the dishes and clean out the cat box. That sounds about even according to the way he acts when it comes to taking out the damn trash.

For some reason, he declined my gracious offer and today the big can was at the front curb when I woke up, however, the can in the kitchen was full and I still had to empty the bathroom cans again.

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  • 1 Valerie // Feb 27, 2009 at 2:46 pm

    Hey, up until recently I was the only person in my household working full time and still doing all of the housework. Now at least Justin is working full time, too.

    But he never remembers either. So, I do empty all the cans and haul it out the side door, where I deposit all of it directly behind his car. He can’t back out of the driveway until he moves it.

    Sometimes, if I’m feeling particularly pissy and the kitchen bag is exceptionally gross, I’ll bag it all up and park it in the foyer right in front of the side door. Shane can’t get in without moving it out of his way.

    Both methods usually send the desired message. :)

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