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June 15th, 2010 · No Comments

Travelling to Huntsvegas is always a masterful feat. I so enjoy the hour long drive down “Goat Road”.

Saturday was ungodly hot and Hubby and I went up to see the Scooter play Tball. The child has absolutely no clue how to play and spends most of her time fiddling with a water bottle on the field, but it’s always a laugh fest.

We discovered that her coach is a female this year and her last name is December. Sari had to explain to Scooter, “Please don’t call her Miss December, call her Coach December”.

Although they don’t keep score, because “everyone’s a winner” in this game, I’m pretty sure the other team beat ours by a landslide.

At one point in time, a young one made it to first base and as he stood there on the bag, he called out to his mother in the bleachers, “Can we go to Burger King when I’m done?”

Later that night, we had a VIP table at the Hooter’s Regional Bikini Contest. 22 twenty-somethings in nothing more than handkerchiefs and baby oil parading up and down a stage in front of a tent full of drunken slovenly men. Of course, our table also had a 6 year old and a 3-month old just for that ultimate class factor. Gotta start ‘em young, eh?

In the morning, Hubby and I headed out but made some stops along the way. The City of Cullman is named after a civil war Col. Cullmann. We wanted to know what happened to the extra “n”? Also in Cullman, we stopped at a “junque” store (my favorite kind) and as we wondered around looking at piles of odds and ends, a woman shopper walked by me carrying a small wire cage. It was lined with paper towels and in it sat a brown bunny rabbit and a small yellow chicken. She took her chick and her bunny shopping with her! And I thought stuffing a rat dog into a purse was bad!

I came home with the ultimate find! A glass straw caddy just like the kind at Johnny Rockets. God I love junque!

So the trip to Huntsvegas was entertaining, but I think next weekend I will prefer to just sit on my boat and soak up some sun.

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