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March 22nd, 2013 · No Comments

In my office building, ours is the only office on the basement level. We tend to covet a certain parking area nearest the back door as we have no reason to use the lobby entrance. When a “new car” hogs one our spaces, we tend to get a little pissy. After all they can park anywhere else near the lobby entrance as no one else has a key to the back door anyway.

This past week a new car has been parking in one of our spaces and this person parks so crooked that they actually hog up two spaces. And it’s not like this car is a Lamborgini or anything special, it’s a little tiny Susuki! Two little tiny Susuki’s could fit in ONE parking space! It’s very annoying.

I saw the owner of this “new car” yesterday. She looked about 12 years old. She wore glittery silver ballet flats and a matching glittery silver headband – reminiscent of a Disney Princess tiara. My granddaughter is 8 years old and wears glittery ballet flats and headbands, but she goes to third grade NOT a job!

It’s quite obvious that this little girl has no idea how to drive and/or park a car. I have no idea what she does here in this building or who she works for, but I just hope it has nothing to do with transportation…or for that matter… adults.

Have a super sparkly day!


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