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Orange aprons and bedazzled fingernails

March 2nd, 2009 · 1 Comment

The Big Box home improvement store was a place I frequented many times this weekend. Many more times than I would have liked. It seems that the sink base cabinets that we had planned to use in our kitchen remodel were all sold out and no new shipments were expected. Yes, that’s right; this economy is so bad that there was a run on unfinished oak cabinetry this weekend. The only solution was to purchase a base that was smaller than the original specs and therefore (as most renovations go something had to change) I had to downsize the sink from a double basin stainless steel to a single basin white porcelain. New sink and faucet were not in the original budget, but then again neither was the additional header or replacement window. If you can’t roll with the punches folks, don’t renovate.

Hubby goes to the local store and finds a sink he likes and is a good price; however, this particular location does not have any more in stock.  The store states that another location has six in inventory. Hubby and I drive out to further location and as we are standing staring up at the Mount Everest of sink displays, a small woman in an orange apron asks if we needed anything. Hubby states that he does not see any of this particular size sink in the displays. The orange-aproned woman states that if the item is not in the displays the store does not have it.  Hubby explains he was just at other location and they said this location has six in inventory. Woman repeats herself “If you don’t see it in the displays, we don’t have it”.  Hubby repeats himself, “You should have six in inventory”, and she responds, “You should have called first”.

Aggravated by this banter, I firmly state, “So you are refusing to go look on the computer and check the inventory?” Orange Aproned woman says, “Well if you really want me to go check the computer, I will”.  She quickly returns and states that she cannot look up the item because she does not have any information to input. By this time I am so aggravated, I walk away to prevent any bloodshed.

Hubby looks up to the very tiptop of Mt. Everest and notices about five boxes stacked at the very top with bright yellow clearance stickers on them. He calls out the serial numbers that he can make out and tells her to go look it up. She returns with another orange-aproned person and a large ladder and states, “You won’t believe the price on those sinks! $6.81 on final clearance”. Hubby states that he will purchase three sinks and Orange Aproned woman states that she will buy one as well. She says she has no place to put it, but it’s such a good deal, how can she pass it up?

Oh no, you can’t have that sink. If it isn’t in the displays, there isn’t any in the store.

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  • 1 Valerie // Mar 3, 2009 at 12:24 pm

    “Yes, that’s right; this economy is so bad that there was a run on unfinished oak cabinetry this weekend.”

    More likely the factory where they’re manufactured closed down and there’s no one to make any more. :)

    Justin called me a bit ago, for the first time concerned about his job, because he heard on the noon news about all the companies here in town shutting down. The Kmart in Perrysburg where I used to work is closing. I’m surprised they lasted this long, but worry about what my former coworkers will do. A lot of them have been there since that store opened. It gets really scary when you hear about the “booming” places (like the Carolinas) starting to feel the effects. My brother-in-law’s company folded and my mom’s retirement income is now supporting seven people, instead of the one it was supposed to.

    Clearly, your Big Box store must not be hurting, though, if they can afford to keep people around with that kind of attitude.

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