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March 29th, 2011 · No Comments

Scooter is on an all girl softball team this season! She is happy about that as previous teams she was usually the only girl on a team full of sticky boys. Still she does not care for the uniforms. Apparently, the jersey is sleeveless and (according to a 6 year old) “armpits are ugly”.  Where does she get this stuff?? She’s 6! So she insists upon wearing a plain white t-shirt under her team jersey. She also does not care for the black “stripes” under her eyes because it’s dirty and she looks like a boy. There is no way Scooter could ever be mistaken for a boy. However, she off sets the boyish appearance by making sure the bow in her hair is as over-the-top fru-fru as she can without the coach disallowing it for safety reasons. (She is very clever had tucking all those ribbons up inside her batting helmet though).

It’s also quite obvious that she does not care much for the sport itself. I observed her on deck (next up at bat) with the coach attempting to share some batting advice with her. But Scooter preferred to arrange the bats in order according to size. Later, again the coach was attempting to impart some wise information to a group of 6 year old girls, but Scooter spent her time cleaning out her bat bag and arranging the items inside to fit just right. Her pink bat bag, mind you.

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter all that much whether or not Scooter cares for the sport. The main reason for her playing softball is that it gives we, the adults, a reason to go to the ball fields and be outside enjoying Alabama’s heat and humidity, the concession stand snack selection and hanging out as a family.

Play Ball!

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