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February 25th, 2010 · No Comments

I moved into Sari’s house on Sunday afternoon. Sari and Kevin moved out Sunday evening. Monday happened to be a holiday, so there was no school for Scooter. However, YMCA daycare would be open for a small fee.  Sari had left me a list, broken down by day, on how to care for Scooter in her absence. Just reading the week’s worth of requirements was exhausting in and of itself: Swimming gear, library books, school clothes, homework folder, lunch box, snacks, hair products, bath time, bedtime stories, show and tell, nap mats, milk money, breakfast fruit, back packs, chewable vitamins, spelling words,… Not to mention the fact that I am wondering around a city that I have been to all of twice and I was not driving either time. The first day I was so proud of myself! I drove straight to the elementary school! No problems! Except that I was not supposed to be at the elementary school, I was supposed to be at the YMCA. Damnit! I had to call for directions… Later that afternoon, I drove to the restaurant we had eaten at the night before, I knew it was in the right direction of the hospital, but that’s as far as I could get. I had to call again for directions… The next day, school was closed due to inclement weather, so I drove the Scooter to the YMCA for the day. Along the way to the hospital, I stopped and picked up a birthday cake and some silly gifts for Sari as Tuesday was her 26th birthday and spending it in the hospital was bad enough. Classy me picked up a bottle of champagne and a case of Bud Lite Lime. Hey, it was the one thing she said she hankered for and who am I to deny a hankering?  Wednesday was my first test to get the child off to school and on time by 7:45! If you know me at all, I don’t do mornings and I haven’t seen 7:45 in at least two years. I packed up and prepared for clothes, shoes, back packs, coats and lunch boxes the night before. My eyes popped open at 6:59! Holy cow! I can do this! I get the child up and begin the morning routine; there’s teeth brushing and hair pulling and shoe matching…then I blinked and suddenly twenty minutes had seemingly disappeared!  I give Sari a boat load of crap for not providing her child with a healthy breakfast before school all the time and here I was grabbing a zip lock baggie and tossing in a cinnamon raisin bagel for eating in the car.  Then, you all know darn well what I did next…yep, I drove straight to the YMCA and not the elementary school. Damnit! I haul ass to the correct car pool drop off spot and kick child out of the car at 4 minutes ‘til 8.  Later that day, I pick her up from school and she informs me that it was not library day. She was not suppose to take her library book back to school and mommy had paid for lunches all week so she didn’t need nor eat the lunch we had packed the night before. Ugh! At least she is still all in one piece! I think that still makes me a winner! Go Team G.G!

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