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March 3rd, 2010 · No Comments

I like sports. I enjoy watching them on TV and even more so at the field in person. You get the whole swell of the crowd and feel for the emotion and suspense when you are there in person. I think I appreciate football on TV better because of the instant replays. But Baseball games are definitely more fun in person, not to mention the soggy steamed hotdogs that I love so much and those baseball pants! Hubba-Hubba! (I am missing Cal Ripken, Jr. right about now…) 

I have been to a few Hockey Games. I don’t wait impatiently for the Stanley Cup to come on TV or even understand all of the off-sides penalties, but I get the general concept of the game. I understand that when Team Canada scores the first goal in sudden death overtime, that Team USA walks away with the silver medal and not gold.  

But Rugby? Does anyone understand Rugby? What is that weird huddle-human tug-of-war thing all about? Can you only score points by kicking a field goal? And if the tackling is just as hard as American Football, shouldn’t the players wear something a little more secure than short-shorts and a mouth guard? 

I only ask because I recently went to see Invictus at the movies. It had a lot to do with Nelson Mandela bringing his South African Nation together through the love of their team sport, Rugby. A lot of the scenes were of the team working towards winning the World Cup, but as I didn’t know anything about the sport, I could not tell if they were a team that had improved due to the renewed support of their countrymen?  Or did the evil opposing teams cheat? Or were the playing conditions an obstacle to overcome? I don’t know! I could not get that suspenseful excitement of the triumph of David over Goliath. (And those short-shorts. Yeeesh! Look away!) 

Well, I guess every country has its beloved National Pastime, whether it is Baseball or Rugby or even bocce ball. I’m just thankful that wrestling isn’t catching on. I never want to see my grandson in THAT outfit! Yeesh! Look away!

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