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August 6th, 2013 · No Comments

The Duchess is coming!

Eldest daughter and her brand new baby are flying in for a visit this week! I finally get to Smell the Baby!

In anticipation of our tiny royal overnight guest, Hubby and I collected the Bassinette from middle child, Sari. This Bassinette is nearly 10 years old and has been through nearly a dozen children! Sari has lent it out to family and friends alike over the years. Obviously, it was a solid purchase and has held up remarkably well. I know that I have personally rebuilt the damn thing 3 times. I remove all of the lace, the batteries and the scuffs each time it is in my hands. Then the trick is putting it all back together without instructions!

This most recent attempt happened on Friday, as Sari delivered the Bassinette in two garbage bags, (it has been in attic storage for over a year now). Immediately, I bleached and scrubbed everything, bought new batteries and then laid out all of the pieces on the living room floor to ponder.

Hubby jumped right in! There was tugging and pulling…arguing and cursing…and there was a lot of sweating and furrowed brow. After about 3 hours of sheer aggravation, Hubby snapped together the final snap and declared, “There! Good Enough!”  We dragged the Bassinette into the guest room and closed the door. (Yes, there were alcoholic beverages consumed…it was Friday night for Christsake!)

On Sunday morning Hubby was sitting quietly in his Big Chair, laptop in lap, earplugs in ears…I was sitting on the couch, tea in hand, perusing a new magazine. An HGTV repeat was white noise in the background when there… on a House Hunters episode…on the 55 inch screen…was the exact replica of our 10 year old Bassinette! What? Just like the J. Geils Band, I yelled, “FREEZE FRAME!”

Yes, we dragged that damn Bassinette back out of the guest room and pulled it all apart again. Following the vision of the TV version, we put that thing back together correctly this time. Even the stupid battery operated light, music and vibration device magically worked as if to say, “Now that you have me put together correctly, I will work properly.”

Just Good Enough is not good enough! Only the best for our newest and littlest family member.

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