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No Competition

February 26th, 2013 · No Comments

I watched the Academy Awards this year with skepticism. Totally not excited about that new host, Seth McFarlane. I am NOT an adult cartoon watcher (which is apparently what he is best known for). Fox Sundays are for twelve year old boys (or men who have not matured past the 8th grade). Yes, we know who you are…unfortunately. (BTW, my fav Oscar host is Billy Crystal).

I did notice that there was no big winner. No single movie made a sweep above the rest. In fact, this year the awards felt more like T-ball for 6 year old girls…Everyone is a winner. Everyone gets a trophy. Best actress went to Jennifer Lawrence for her character in Silver Linings Playbook, while best actor went to Daniel Day Lewis in Lincoln; best director went to Ang Lee for Life of Pi; best foreign film went to Amour, and then the best movie went to Argo. And do NOT get me started on the surprise special appearance by Michelle Obama…let’s just say I was offended and I hated the assault on my personal time…way to close to Al Jazerah.

Gotta be honest, I have not seen a single Oscar nominated movie on the list, not one. These were no competition to the types of movies I watch, which must involve explosions, car chases and gun fire. The more cheesy one-liners repeated by the main character, the better! And no matter how old the hero gets in real life…I can always suspend reality as long as you bring him back for the sequel.

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