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June 8th, 2009 · 2 Comments

Hubby and I have officially been living in our new house for one entire week. It is exhausting and worrisome; unpacking a few boxes everyday and putting together yet another piece of furniture or wondering “What is that smell?” and “Why don’t the garbage men pick up the garbage?” At the same time it is also fun and new.

We have a six level water fall complete with a Koi pond at the bottom. The previous owner said he’d had them 8 years and never even thought to name them. So we had to, of course. There are eight fish in all and for various reasons, here are their new names:

Moby (huge fish)

Spot (duh)

Fluffy (Just cause I can)

Sidewalls (white stripes)

Hammerhead (he’s just a bully fish)

Tony Stewart (all orange)

Tips (his colorist gave him highlights)

Bambi (she’s got some tail and Moby chases it!)

So, as we are getting accustomed to our new surroundings, there are some interesting items I thought I would share.  For example, did you know that frogs do not ribbett? NO! They actually SCREAM! Beyond the golf cart track and the 4th Hole is a small lake/pond for fishing and kayaking. Apparently, it is stuffed with frogs that scream like small children being butchered in the street. The first night the screaming occurred, Hubby ran for the front door and I ran for the back determined to catch the killer red handed. Only to find a man and his young son whizzing around on their electric golf cart (with headlights) catching frogs in the dark. Yes, we have Frog Hunters. If Steve Irwin only knew. Crikey!

During another evening, as we sat out on the back deck enjoying a nice breeze, we heard this unusual musical sound. What is that? Why, it’s the harmonizing geese of course! They honk in two-part harmony! I bet you didn’t know that? I know I didn’t! Hubby thinks they are actually speaking and perhaps are yelling Date Rape. This isn’t Central Park, ya know.

On Saturday, a nearby subdivision was having a neighborhood wide yard sale. As Hubby and I didn’t downsize, we were looking for items we were now short on: bed frames and lamps. Amazingly, we did find one of each, so that was fantastic, however, the funniest thing about the entire neighborhood was that every house that participated (and I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE) had a plaid couch for sale! What happened to these people? Did the Fuller Brush Man of couches blow through this neighborhood and convince them all they must have a plaid couch? Ten years ago, did some interior designer guest on Oprah and tell everyone they must have a plaid couch? Was it one of her favorite things?

Last night a photographer wandered on down the golf cart track. He said it was going to be a full moon that night and he was going to capture it. Yes, you all know what Hubby did, don’t you? The water fall is lit up like Christmas with several prime spots for a statuesque pose or two. Do not close your eyes or attempt to envision that! Just move along down the golf cart track. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along now…

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  • 1 Valerie // Jun 10, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    Y’all won’t mind if I just ignore that last paragraph, right? :)

    Is my room ready yet???

    Also, I’m laughing that the annoying, barking dogs have been replaced by screaming frogs and harmonizing geese.

  • 2 Kim // Jun 11, 2009 at 11:52 am

    Hardy Har Har. me too

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