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Never Say Never

June 24th, 2013 · No Comments

I am not defending anyone in particular. My comments happen to have been sparked by a news segment I saw on TV regarding Paula Deen “using racial slurs”. Apparently, in a deposition following a lawsuit filed by a former wait staff employee, she spoke the truth and said that she can never say she never used the “N” word.

I have to completely agree with that comment. None of us can ever claim we have never done any THING ever. Never say never, isn’t that the rule?

Obviously, the news media and tattle shows have pounced on the headline grabbing comment. Basically making Deen out to be a notorious racist and subsequently a vicious slave-driving employer (literally).

If I were her, in my deposition, I would probably state that I can never say I have never worn green socks. I do not recall ever going out and specifically purchasing green socks in my lifetime. Green is not my favorite color. I rarely wear green. However, green is a notable holiday color. I could very well have worn green socks as part of a Christmas outfit or to a St. Patrick’s Day parade. Hell, I might have green socks in my drawer right this very minute and not even realize it! Furthermore, I don’t think the green sock industry deserves millions of dollars in damages for unfairly discriminating against green socks. Also, do green tights count? I once dressed up as Peter Pan for Halloween.

Although the “N” word (and a few other choice words in the English language) is like kryptonite to my ears, I cannot in all honestly (so help me God) say that I have NEVER USED THE “N” WORD.

Just a note: a few days ago, out by our Apt. complex pool, three pre-teen African-American boys were huddled around a pop machine joking and pushing each other like all pre-teen boys do, and not once, not twice, but three times I heard them call each other the “N” word. I actually covered my ears, while they trotted off to play basketball on the tennis courts. Which one of us deserves millions of dollars in damages now??

(Disclaimer: I do not claim to know anything about the above referenced lawsuit. But sometimes a word is just a word and Wendy Williams, no matter how much make up you put on, you are still a man.)

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