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July 20th, 2010 · No Comments

Have you ever watched the daytime TV talk show called “The View”? I happened to be jumping around on the Web the other day and landed on an article recapping what the ladies of The View had to say about a joke from comedienne, Kathy Griffin. First of all, no one cares what Kathy Griffin has to say. She’s practically a cartoon character with a comedy show on the Bravo Network. I’ve seen it, I can’t recall any laughter. I can only recall that she must be required to use the term “gays” every third word. Nothing she says is of any value to any one at any time. Who cares? Apparently it had to be the hot topic on The View. Another TV show that has no value to any one at any time.

Anyway, so as I am reading the commentary, a video of the entire show is magically uploading onto my computer screen (am I being spammed?). Curious (and bored at work) I continue to watch this train wreck.

Now I am not an avid viewer, but from what I can tell these four women are all very poorly trained actresses playing assigned characters on a TV show. The skinny one is apparently suppose to be slightly immature, melodramatic and far too sensitive. Her job is to make mountains out of mole hills with her screechy, high-pitched whine. The black lady is obviously playing the level-headed one (whether or not she actually has a law degree) she attempts to balance the scales of justice. There’s an older lady with red hair who fashions herself after Bette Midler and throws in a zinger every now and again. Unfortunately, these lighter moments feel incredibly practiced and not ad-libbed. Someone should tell her that not all Jewish New Yorkers are actually able to tell a joke. Finally, Whoopi pretends to be some kind of mediator or at least the keeper-of the-time per topic. As the only actual comedienne on the show, her jokes are saddled. Why? She also dresses as if she has not had time to do the laundry in a month. Why?

I could only manage to watch this mess for a few minutes as the ladies simply talked over each other the entire time and no commentary was actually audible. I don’t know if anyone had any valid comments, but then again, I didn’t really care either. What I do care about is the fact that now I have wasted about 10 minutes of my life watching that crap and now I have wasted an additional 20 minutes writing about that crap. Humpf! I guess they got me! I can’t believe I fell for this!

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