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February 11th, 2013 · No Comments

I had the laziest Sunday I think I have ever had. Typically, I spend my Sundays watching NFL during the season and during the summers; I spend the day anywhere outside. Sundays are for being lazy and relaxing and then I gotta psych myself up for back-to-work Mondays. Blah.

But yesterday, I never fully graduated out of my jammies the entire day. Nope, didn’t even brush my teeth or hair. An utter vegetable. I think my only physical activity was to replenish my cup of tea. I pretty much laid on the couch and watched the incredibly eclectic range of movies run on the FX channel all day. Sometimes I forget how fun it is to re-watch a movie that I have not seen in a long time and get totally immersed or laugh all over again like it was new!

I watched the movie version of The A-Team. Of course I always watched the TV show when it was popular, so when the movie came out, I did go watch it on the big screen. As I recall I was a little disappointed and did not give it a two thumbs up…but re-watching it again after so many years, I had forgotten how funny the character Murdoch (the crazy helicopter pilot) was and how stinking handsome Bradley Cooper (Templeton “the Face” Peck) really is. That man has a smile that can melt wicked witches instantly.

Anyway, my point about this post is that sometimes a complete waste of an entire day is required for mental health. So if that nagging twinge of guilt for doing absolutely nothing productive for an entire day dares to creep in on you, find yourself a movie on TV with Bradley Cooper in it and melt that angry wicked witch inside of you.

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