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Milk Coma

August 13th, 2013 · No Comments

I have discovered that I have precious little patience remaining in my old age. Ever since our newest, littlest bundle of mayhem came to visit with her Mommy, I have been on pins and needles. I cannot stand to hear her cry which makes me want to pick her up every ten minutes. Obviously, that is also Mommy’s issue because that sweet little baby KNOWS that all she has to do is squawk and she will be fussed over incessantly. Evil genius baby…

Gotta give credit to the Hubby.  He has been an amazing Grandpa during the past week. He has held the baby, fed the baby, talked with the baby, played with the baby. They have this game whereby they lay on the floor on their bellies, he places his hand under her feet and she pushes off and scoots across the floor like an inch worm. It’s quite hilarious, but she seems to think it’s a ton of fun! Then one day he insisted Britt and I go on down to the pool and he will watch the baby. While we were gone, he put the baby into a milk coma and put her to sleep for four straight hours! The longest nap since she has been here. (Mommy confessed the longest nap since she’s been on the planet.) He’s enjoying the baby’s visit, but said the following, “I like the baby, but she doesn’t even talk or laugh or crawl or anything.”

My reply, “No dear, she’s only one month old. But you can literally chase her around by Christmastime. I promise.”

I have taught her the airplane. We stand in the living room and “fly” across the room, buzzing the heads of all who sit nearby. And a special THANK YOU goes out to a special MOM (who now lives in California) who taught me a magical trick. She first used this technique on Britt – 30 years ago! I lay the baby across my lap, pat her back gently and rock my legs underneath. Quiets the baby every single time!

Also, I am certain the Duchess is sick of that crazy old lady with that stupid camera. Probably why she squawks so much! No more paparazzi!


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