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Miles of Zmiles!

August 16th, 2010 · No Comments

Zagat’s surveying services have posted their list of the best fast food joints, menu items and services. Granted, McDonald’s is still number one in the French Fry Department. Duh! We all know they must cook up some Nuke in the back to mix with the grease (anyone catch the Robocop reference?) The point is those fries are an American addiction. There is no rival. The same goes for the Olive Garden salad dressing. If it were possible, I would free base it!

The major upset this year was that Five Guys beat out In and Out Burger as the best burger. I’ve eaten at Five Guys a couple of times. Their food is good, but there is so much of it that it seems a waste for me to go there. I end up throwing out at least a third because I didn’t starve myself for two days prior – you know what I mean, saving up room, not because I’m bulimic or anything.

I was most surprised that I did not see Zaxby’s anywhere on the list. I love Zaxby’s! They make the most fabulous chocolate shake with plenty of whipped cream and the Zalads are enough to turn into two full lunches! But even if those two items didn’t fight for top honor, their service is completely unparalleled. I swear that each time I drive up to order, the person on the other end is likely to be taken home and adopted. I always feel like I have just pulled up to Hospitality Heaven. The speaker is clear and the voice is polite, clear and speaks with grammatical etiquette. Sometimes, when I am having a bad day, I just go there to listen to that voice. It just makes me smile.

So, even if Zaxby’s has not been catapulted to the top ranks of fast food stardom (yet), I will continue to eat there and to stalk… Just a little bit…

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