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January 19th, 2009 · No Comments

Don’t get me wrong, I do not like the cold. I was in shock after the first night spent in Ohio at Christmas time this year. It was bitter cold. I have lived in Bama now for a dozen years and I have thawed. Hubby and I call it brain thaw, because only those that are still frozen unknowingly remain in that Icelandic tundra.

This week, like most of the country, Bama has had a bit of a frigid arctic blast blow through and to be honest I find it refreshing. It is nothing like Chicago when it’s hit with an Alberta clipper or even the Northwest Ohio lake effect. It is actually pleasant. The sun is shining and the sky is bright blue. There isn’t any biting wind to rip the flesh right off your cheeks and in a dozen years I have yet to own an ice scraper again. Yes, refreshing and sufficiently cold, thank you.

Of course, the natives are restless. They wonder why they are not more like bears and go hibernate for the next two months or more like geese and migrate even further south. Most barely own anything heavier than leather jackets and have never heard of snowmobile boots. They refer to a knit hat as a toboggan, therefore do not know what a real toboggan is.

However, they ski.

Yes they do.

Southerners are skiers. Isn’t that odd? They go to wear the cold is for vacation.

They don’t like the beach…it’s too hot. This dumbfounds me.

I was raised just south of the Michigan border. Several ski resorts within range. I went skiing once (if you can call it that). I was at the bunny hills where little kids learn to ski. I spent most of the time on my frozen buttacle area watching four year olds race on by. It was humiliating and cold. It was not fun. I never did it again.

However, I am excellent at donning a bikini, laying on a chaise lounge and sipping fruity drinks with little umbrellas in them.

Frozen fruity drinks.

I guess you can never take the girl too far from home, eh?

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