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June 22nd, 2009 · 2 Comments

Hubby and I threw a party at our new home. We spent weeks preparing for it. Hubby invited his daughter and her new husband (Annie and Ron) to drive from North Carolina so that we could throw her a pseudo-wedding reception from the South Eastern Conference part of the family. Many of us she had not seen in many years or had never met at all and admittedly was feeling a bit anxious.

Our plan was to invite as many young people as we could, outside of initial family, so that the newlyweds would feel more comfortable among people their own age.  My kiddie-boos came through in flying colors! They invited all of their friends to celebrate with us. Of course the big selling feature was a keg of beer, a full bar and plenty of free food! People come out of the woodwork for a party like that!

I was very proud of all of them. They really came through and made our guests of honor feel welcomed. Boy covered the music/PA system and became bartender extraordinaire! Sari brought the keg of beer and was to make her famous southern sherbet punch, meanwhile Brit latched onto Annie like glue and became her best friend for two days. I think Annie really enjoyed the girl factor the most. (She moved from her hometown of Spokane, Washington to marry her husband in North Carolina. A state she has been in just over one year.)  I think she misses girlfriends and really needed “girl time”. Brit accommodated big time.

It was a very hot 90 (+) degree day and no one wanted to go into the event tent, play volleyball or croquet. However, we set up a slip n slide and a kiddie pool and that went over well with the youngest group (some of the adults may have taken part as well).

We grilled shish kabobs and had an official cake cutting (most of which is still in the kitchen tile grout), but the funniest part was the crystal punch bowl with nothing in it expect a sign that said “Non-Alcoholic Punch”. Fortunately, the guests thought this was a clever joke and toasted the irony. Hubby nearly took out the recessed lights with the champagne corks and gave a short-but-sweet toast to the couple that I think was meant to compliment me more than them.

Also, here in Bama, we all either are fans of the Crimson Tide or the Auburn Tigers. No one is a Gator fan. Apparently, Ron is originally from southern Florida and will name is first born Tim Tebow. During the gift opening ceremony, the opportunity to present them each with an Alabama T-Shirt was priceless. Even though they may have only made it as far as the garbage cans in the driveway….

That night, the kiddie-boos took Annie and Ron out to one of their favorite dance club hang-outs and danced the night away. I also heard there may have been some competition between Annie and Boy but the “purple shot” won.

All-in-all I think the weekend went fairly smooth. A good time had by all!

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  • 1 SueEllen // Jun 25, 2009 at 1:58 pm

    We had a wonderful time and lots of fun. Look forward to seeing you again soon. I lover your new home. Lots of room to play.

  • 2 SueEllen // Jun 25, 2009 at 2:00 pm

    We had a wonderful time and lots of fun. Look forward to seeing you again soon. I love your new home. Lots of room to play. So far “my” bedroom is the favorite.

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