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July 29th, 2009 · No Comments

Kimmer made the annual trek back to the Hometown. Usually it is a Christmas trip, but this time I managed to kill dozens of birds with one stone. Who knew July was a better time to go north?

Step 1: Visit with the parents and other family, Step 2: Visit Cedar Point, the greatest amusement park EVAH! Step 3: Attend HS Reunion.

Recently I discovered that the parents had decided to up their technology quotient and get a cell phone. At 78, that seemed like a giant step. I also learned that within one week, they lost all patience and returned everything to the store. So for shits and giggles (and to get a rare shot in on the Old Man), I brought them matching Hannah Montana play cell phones that light up and make noise. They actually laughed! I guess it’s true that we soften with age.

There was also a cook out, a day at the pool and a handful of summer birthdays celebrated all at once. Good time had by all and an annual visit knocked out without any snow, sleet or frozen feet. I’m thinking this is a repeat event.

19 of the family members made the drive to Cedar Point which is in Sandusky, Ohio on Lake Erie. I had not been in many years and it has grown as usual. It now boasts over 17 of the fastest, tallest, most exciting roller coasters in the world. If you ever watch the travel Channel, Cedar Point consistently ranks in the top 10 of all time. It was a great day weather wise and although I did not get on all of the coasters (due to lack of time – not chicken feet) we all had a really great time. I will recommend Cedar Point to anyone and everyone at least once in their lives! But only if you are not a puker.

Finally, Kimmer cannot believe she actually attended her 25th HS reunion. 25 years? I swear I’m still 19. (Then again, I never was very good at math) It was a fun time. A simple event held at a local bar/restaurant that conveniently is owned by a class mate.

The Class of 1984 and alcohol…

Well, there’s the set up. I will now be able to drag this story out for the next installment. Stay tuned…

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