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February 5th, 2009 · No Comments

Hubby and I have been married for over 11 years now. In that time we have had two major knock-down -drag-out, I-hate-you type arguments. The first was very early on and it had to do with outside influences attempting to dictate the family dynamic. Then there was the whole car scraping incident which we still are both touchy about to this day (let’s not go there) and now I feel number 3 is coming on…

It is called kitchen renovation.

Hubby and I have owned our home for 8 years. We have attempted every type of weekend warrior project but have never had such issues as the kitchen seems to bring. Layout, color, style, cabinet stain, door handles, flooring and it just goes on and on. I would never call myself a cook. I “make dinner” and that’s as far as I would go with that. Once, in a blue moon, Hubby will “make dinner”, but he does not even know where most of the utensils are in the kitchen let alone have any idea what is functional and what is not.

So we disagree.

We have dragged the refrigerator around the kitchen 14 times to figure out where it will best fit. I think we have come to a decision, but who knows it could all go south by this afternoon. Thankfully, we have a general contractor who is very laid back and agreeable. Each day he shows up to see the fridge in a new place. His favorite comment, “Right on” (and he says it no matter what the situation).

Smart man.

Also, I am a bit of a neat freak so the dust and clutter drive me insane. My dining room table is now the pantry and the coffee table is now home to wine goblets and Christmas mugs. The poor cat is so confused since her cat box gets moved daily. I wouldn’t be surprised if she pee’d in the broiler pan which currently sits on the floor in the living room. At least it’s near the fireplace so It’s almost like having a radiant heat toilet seat.


I know this will all be over very soon. I have seen kitchen renovations (on TV) that take months to finish. Of course, they order custom-made cabinetry and $10,000 commercial ovens. Because they entertain so often! (yeah riiiiight)  We, on the other hand, will be staining our own liquidation, store-bought cabinets and grouting our own backsplash just as soon as we decide where to put that damn refrigerator.

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