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Man Room

May 9th, 2010 · No Comments

For the past few months we have been concentrating on the lawn and landscape, adjusting it to be just right. (Yard work is kryptonite to fingernails even with gardening gloves.) We are hosting a wedding on the 22nd and it has consumed our efforts physically. But now that I feel confident that it will look good outside, I realize that close to 150 people will be potentially viewing the inside! EEEK! So room by room I have been fussing over objects d’art and furniture placement. Not to mention the incredible amount of cobwebs that this house collects! It drives me bonkers!

The wedding party will be getting ready at the house. The girls will be upstairs and the boys will be in the basement. I now realize that 1 bride, 8 bridesmaids, 2 flower girls, two attendants and two mothers will be buzzing around like bees by 9 a.m. I felt secure that I had a nice area for them to “do their thing”, then it dawned on me that 1 groom, 8 groomsmen, two dads and ring bearer will be in the basment! The basement is the MAN ROOM!

We have now lived in this house for one year. In that year, I have set foot in the basement perhaps a dozen times, mostly just passing through to my work shop in the golf cart garage. Hubby declared the basement to be HIS SPACE the day we moved in. I was not allowed to decorate or clean or be present for any of his space manipulation. I have kept true to my word…until now.

Saturday we spent 5 hours cleaning, putting together furniture pieces, rearranging desks, printers and computers. In those 5 hours there was only one loud outburst and one small hissy fit (neither of which came from me). You see, I added a loveseat, a matching throw blanket and pillow and some objects d’art on the mantel. Hubby nearly broke down into tears when he witnessed votive candles making their way into HIS SPACE. He said he no longer had a man room and that all the other men will now make fun of him.

I couldn’t help but wonder why anyone would be proud to reside in a filthy, dusty, dark cave with no proper seating or lighting and papers all over the floor and desks covered in clutter. He insisted that is what makes it a Man Room. No coasters, no candles, no air fresheners allowed. Papers on the floors and pop/beer cans are the best objects d’art to man. (Hubby drinks so much diet pepsi that we now just call it Pop Art) Apparently, No Rules is the only moto of interior design to a man.

In the end, he promised to keep it clean until after the wedding. I think I will go sit down there and enjoy the atmosphere while I can. After all, Father’s Day is quickly approaching. I could instruct the kids to bring over some trash and scatter it around. Wouldn’t that just make his day?

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