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M-M-Momma, we’re all crazy now

November 4th, 2011 · No Comments

We all say that we will NEVER be like our mothers, until that day comes along and we catch ourselves quoting some ridiculous phrase; “I’ll give you something to really cry about” or “If you’re that bored, you can go clean your room”. It’s annoying as hell, but Mom was always right.

My mother was a fairly quiet woman. My dad was the talker and once he got started controlling the conversation at any holiday gathering, Mom would just sit quietly and stare off into space. Usually she would patiently wait until Dad took a breath or excused himself to freshen his drink before she would categorically change the subject matter and shift the focus away from Dad for awhile. As the years passed, she stopped attempting to engage in the conversation at all and just stared off into space. It became a little disconcerting to us kids. Had she given up? Was she literally losing her mind?

Also, Mom was a total neat freak for most of our lives. Everything had a place in our home and it wasn’t under the bed. Saturday mornings were for pitching in – of course, if we didn’t voluntarily pitch in – then there would be no Saturday afternoon or evening or Sunday… I don’t recall ever being physically hit by my mother, but I do know I wouldn’t like it much if I disobeyed an implied order. As Mom got older though, cleaning the house was less and less a requirement and my brothers would stage cleaning interventions whenever Mom and Dad would go out of town.

Well, I did find myself reenacting a few Mom-isms after having children of my own. We ate dinner at the table every night, no phones allowed and no TV. Saturday mornings were for chores first or fun was forfeited for the remainder of the weekend. School was job number one and you’d better be coughing up a lung if you think you’re getting a day off. These seemed logical and expected to me.

It’s the new dragons now rearing their ugly heads that scare me.

Yesterday, Hubby was engaged in a conversation about politics with two new acquaintances. He droned on and on about new legislation and liberal spending…I totally tuned out. I found myself quietly sitting next to him and staring off into space. I didn’t even attempt to interrupt because frankly, I didn’t have a more interesting topic anyway. Instead, I mentally re-arranged the family room furniture and visualized where the Christmas tree will stand this year.

This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I noticed the sink was over-flowing with dirty dishes and the laundry hamper was over-flowing with dirty laundry. Typically, I cannot stand to leave the house unkempt. What if someone stopped by unannounced? They cannot see what I ate for dinner last night or what outfit I threw on the floor this morning. Instead, I closed the bedroom door so I didn’t have to look at the mess and I pushed the dishes off to the side so I could make myself a to-go-cup of tea.

Hubby and I walked out of the house at the same time. We hopped into our cars, started our engines and backed out of the driveway like some kind of important power couple off to  conquer the world.

Apparently, once again, Mom was right. There are more important dragons to slay today.

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