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May 24th, 2013 · No Comments

I am a wee bit tired of grown-ass adults playing the helpless game. I am not your mommy, I am not your paid care-giver and you are not 4 years old.

Mister, you are in your late 50’s, you can drive to the Courthouse and stand in line to pay your fees just like the rest of us. If you screw it up… GUESS WHAT? Then you’re in the right place to get it fixed all by yourself!

Sweetheart, you are in your 30’s, you can pay for and renew your own car tags and registration, just like the rest of us do every. single. year. without any daddy issues at all!

People, when you are given a specific address, GO THERE, do not google a picture, on a website, of someplace similar, that you thought you heard of once.  You have to actually read the address that was given to you.

I know these requests seem so difficult, especially in an era where you get a trophy just for showing up,

albeit late.

at least you made it.

to the right address…


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