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November 30th, 2015 · No Comments

We immediately began demolition of the incredibly old (50 YEAR OLD) interior.  [SHUT UP]

If you can imagine the smell…I will try to describe it for you… Close your eyes, take a deep breath: Now imagine standing inside a hot, moldy, mildewed, humid, wooden, cargo box with a dirty public compost toilet and rotting dead fish.  Mmm Mmm Gooood!!   No Febreeze Air Effects is going to change that aroma! (Sorry, A Johnson Family Company)

Everything was damp and moldy. We removed what appeared to be vinyl wallpaper over cheap wood paneling, right down to the steel hull. We removed the indoor/outdoor carpeting right down to the plywood flooring and then removed the crumbling wood kitchen cabinetry. We also removed the ancient water heater, sink, stove and the window unit air conditioner.  Buh Bye!

WHEW! Walking the plank back and forth to the garbage dumpster is No Fun!

Buh Bye to all of the rotten wood!

Buh Bye to all of the rotten wood!

Walking the plank with a dolly and a job to do.

Walking the plank with a dolly and a job to do.

It fits!

It fits!

The refrigerator was fairly new, still had the ice cube trays wrapped in plastic. We will keep this appliance, but all the others will be replaced with the exception of the stove. I do not need a stove in my houseboat as I never plan to bake any cookies or roast a Thanksgiving turkey here. I did attempt to angle for a dishwasher…but that’s not gonna happen either. Can’t blame a girl for trying!

Aqualand Marina is also home to Pig Tales Bar and Grill. They have a full menu and a full bar and they even deliver to your dock! How cool is that?

But seriously, all Rehab really needs is a plenty of ice cubes in the freezer, fresh grapefruit juice in the fridge and a tall bottle of Absolut on the bar. That’s all I need…

[insert The Jerk reference here]

And this ashtray.

And this lamp.




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