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March 5th, 2008 · No Comments

I had originally started this blog in order to rant and rave about the newest mayor elected in Birmingham, Larry Langford (as well as other local politicians). I could not believe that this city elected another dim wit with illusions of grandeur. I say “they” because I do not actually live in the city, therefore, I cannot vote for that mayor, but I do live in a close suburb and still in the same county and what happens in The Ham effects all of us in the surrounding vicinity. His first item was to increase the sales tax by one percent, then he doubled the business licenses, then he ramrodded a Dome Stadium into the budget (we do NOT have any professional teams here) and topped it off with a $33 million trolley system for a three mile trek through downtown (that’s $11 million per mile folks). The city could buy every citizen their own car for that price! Somehow no one is concerned that he was pulled in front of the SEC for prior actions as the mayor of a smaller city just a few years back or that he misused funds for his every kid gets a computer rally and no one seems too concerned that he has secretive blacks-only meetings where not even journalists are allowed… And has anyone even thought about the ramifications of the County Commission going bankrupt? How in the hell is the Commission gonna get our sewer/water system back from the nearly $4 BILLION (yes, that’s a B) debt it’s in?  There are small COUNTRIES that don’t have a $4 BILLION (with a B) debt!  We already pay some of the highest water/sewer bills in the country, I guess we get to look forward to having them doubled AGAIN! I’m thinking it’s time to get further away from the city. Ya know, git while the gittin’ is good.  Now how do I get around that housing slump? 

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