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August 18th, 2008 · No Comments

Ok, so I am still irritated about Shiny Johnny. The more I think on it the more pissed off I get. Yeah, I know it is none of my business and for a slick trial lawyer with Kennedy good looks who’s running for president, we all pretty much expected that he would fuck up royally.  

But I am not backing down on this one. I am not sweeping it under the rug. And I won’t let the media or the political spin-doctors tell me “It’s just another one of those things politicians do”.

What still rips at my core is the fact that Edwards’ family; a wife who gives up her legal career, suffers from cancer, two small children ripped out of school, home schooled in order to follow his ass around the country, support him in every endeavor meanwhile everyone else’s lives are uprooted, dismantled and discounted all for his glory. Then he slaps them all in the face by lying, cheating and stealing right in their faces.

As if to say, “This is just how much I appreciate what you all have done for me.”    POW! Right in the kisser!    “Let’s just see how much I can attempt to humiliate and embarrass and offend all the people that actually cared about me”.  This man is the lowest form of slug.

You can’t claim strong character and morality and family values while hiring hookers with your political action committee funds or get caught in men’s airport bathrooms literally with your pants down. We all know Bill had sexual relations with a whole lotta those women! And you cannot call yourself a celibate catholic priest while fondling little boys in the rectory.

And if we as voters don’t remind the politicos that we won’t vote for liars, then what is the point of expecting someone to “speak for we constituents” when we vote for those who will lie as far as the day is long.    

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