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May 21st, 2012 · No Comments

Originally, (for this past weekend and this coming week) we had scheduled a family beach vacation. But instead of sitting on our asses in the sand, drinking tasty umbrella drinks and enjoying fresh sea air…we were packing up and moving a 5000 sq ft house and stuffing it into an 1100 sq ft apartment. I’m not recommending this joyful task to anyone…ever.

We did however have the greatest helpers on the planet and I am truly grateful for my Sister-In-Law and Brother-in-Law from the ATL. (My favorite ATL-iens.) Also, I cannot discount the Herculean efforts of Boy and Gangsta. Good doobies all around!

As Hubby is not allowed to touch anything, the ATL-iens and I had to devise a plan to keep organized and on schedule. So we moved one room at a time; filling each room with only the necessary furniture items, one or two pieces of art and one “table allowance” of knick knack crappy-craps, while everything else stayed behind in the house.

We had the beds completely made and ready for afternoon naptime; we had the closets full of hanging clothes and folded jeans; dressers put together, couches, chairs, tables and lamps all good to go and even got the curtains all hung before the sun went down. Of course, the new 51 inch plasma screen was totally set up and properly placed within direct view of the new all leather mega man chair. Duh. Hubby’s needs were all loaded where they belong for easy access; blood pressure monitor, breathing apparatus, cell phone charger and the laptop cords. Other than art actually hung on the walls, this apartment was complete. Now time to deal with all of the remaining items back at the house…

The following day, I pulled everything that I could out to the driveway and threw up a yard sale sign. The house is fairly tucked away from any main thoroughfares, so foot traffic was not that strong especially on a Sunday in the South. Heathens! Should be in church. Duh.

Then the ATL-iens pulled up with their pickup truck and large trailer… Do you know they filled every inch of that truck and trailer and then some? SIL kept going back into the house and carrying out “just one more thing”… SIL has 3 daughters and between them are 8 grandchildren, so they all were able to make use of several items from my house, which makes me happy that they will get good use out of all of it! And Hubby is happy that I can’t “crap the place up” again.

Phew! All moved into our new adventure.


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