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Just another day in paradise

October 22nd, 2013 · No Comments

The 10% rule is in full effect today!

My office has had Internet/DSL issues since the beginning of time. We just call it Computer Meltdown Monday, because every Monday we come into work and something isn’t working proper; whether it be the phone lines, fax lines, email service, internet connection, etc… We shut down, reboot, jostle, rig, yell and/or “call someone” every single Monday. It’s part of the office charm I so enjoy. Starts the week off on the right foot every damn time.

So, the powers that be finally decided we needed an upgrade. Yes, this past Friday our offices received fiber optics by a Time Warner company. They came in 3 shifts and seemed so professional and confident. First guy came and installed new lines; never lost a beat on my day. Then the second guy came an installed new hardware; never even knew he was here! By Friday I was not even in the office so whatever they did, by the end of the day everyone here seemed satisfied…then came Computer Meltdown Monday… (play Psycho theme now)

Yep, sure enough all hell broke loose when the all new equipment was lagging in services, no outgoing email services, no upgrade in speed of services, and no ONE person to call. We literally called the Time Warner customer service line and the Rep. couldn’t hear us on the phone. He had to call us back on a private cell phone line…that’s how bad of service we had. HE couldn’t hear us screaming into HIS phone lines!

We received an email providing two numbers for customer service issues and when we called the one, the Rep. said we called the wrong number, so he gave us the second number. We called the second number and the Rep. told us we called the wrong number and gave us the first number back! It would have been hysterical had it not been so sad.

Finally one of the attorneys called the original salesperson that sold us on this new age line of crap and threatened to cancel the whole contract and convince his friend and building owner to cancel all agreements for the entire building! Strangely, the salesperson had an engineer “right next to him” and he would solve all issues immediately.

Well, immediately took over 4 hours, but by the end of the day we were all back up and running. Tomorrow is another day in paradise!

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