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November 16th, 2010 · No Comments

Dear Brittany and Jimmy Moon:

I am probably not the best person to know the absolute answer as obviously I have failed at marriage in my past, however, I have been very happy for the past 13 years and plan to stay that way for the rest of my life. So, I wanted to be wise and all knowing. And give you a piece of advice that would stand the test of time; a tip for a happy and long life together. It’s taken some time, but I came up with this:

Every day life can get a little boring and a little mundane. Some days it just feels like the same ‘ol same ‘ol and you start looking for a change.

Please God, not one more night of take out chicken chunks. I just can’t stand it, not one more night. Can’t we have something, anything else?

Please God, not one more Sunday night sitting in front of the TV watching the Steelers (or the Tigers) lose yet another game. Can’t we go out, just this once?

Chase those thoughts right out of your head with this one thought: How would you feel if that person were suddenly not there sitting across from you eating those chicken chunks? What if you were sitting alone? Sure, you can eat anything you want now, but does it taste any better?

What if you flopped down on the couch and that person was not sitting next to you anymore cheering on your team together? Would going out alone be any more fun?

Learn to enjoy the “boring” and/or “uneventful” times. If you need to liven up chicken chunks, have an impromptu food fight and enjoy laughter together! If you need Sunday night to be more romantic, hold hands and cuddle up in front of the warm glow of the TV.

Remember to enjoy the everyday moments that make a happy life.

All my love.

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