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January 25th, 2010 · No Comments

This past week, Hubby and I decided that we needed an SUV for hauling and to better make use of our boat during the summer months. It was only a matter of days when Hubby claimed he had bought one via EBay and scheduled to fly out to Kansas and pick it up. Kansas? Really? Bring me back some ruby slippers while you’re at it, yes? 

Of course, during the 12(+) hours of driving he discovered that the stereo/cd player was inoperable, there was a bit of a burning oil smell and it idled low. Also, this vehicle has that annoying beeping sound when you refuse to put on your seatbelt. You know the one that goes off even if you are simply moving the car from one parking spot on the driveway to another, Arghhh… I wear my seatbelt but I do not need to be ordered by the car itself to conform. Thank you very much. 

Hubby is notoriously bad about not wearing his seatbelt, so the beeping forced him to continuously keep it on, which in itself is a good thing, however, apparently the beeper was wacked-out a bit and even went off (faintly) even when it was properly secured.  

First thing Hubby does when he brings the car home, is take it to the local electronics store and have an all new stereo (with XM capability built in) installed (I cannot live without my XM now).  He says the mechanic/installer (whatever his title is) made Hubby go through this entire checklist in his presence. The entire electronics capabilities of the car were tested, including the lights, horn, wipers, windows, etc… Apparently, there is an annoying habit by all car owners that if or when ANYTHING electronic changes or breaks, they blame it on the stereo mechanic/installer guy. Now, standard policy is to go over the entire car with the owner so nothing can come back to bite them in the ass after stereo installation. Fine, whatever.  

We go together to pick the car up, Hubby hands me the keys and I drive it home while he follows me in the other car. Stereo works great! I am bee-bopping along when I realize I have not put my seatbelt on. I have not put my seatbelt on and I do not hear any bing, bing, bing…. I put the seatbelt on, and still I do not hear any bing, bing, bing even faintly like Hubby said it did all the way home from Kansas.  

I am laughing my ass off now. Not only did the mechanic/installer guy screw up the car’s electronics, he did it for the better! No more bing, bing, bing! Gee, no wonder they are constantly being blamed for car issues. Should I call him and thank him?

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