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Is Today the Day?

October 14th, 2008 · No Comments

Sweetest Day is celebrated this year on Saturday October 18. Sweetest Day is an interesting pseudo-holiday that is not acknowledged in every state. In Ohio, when I was in High School, I remember either the Cheerleaders or the Student Government selling carnations on the Friday before. They came in blue to give to your boyfriend or pink to send to your girlfriend and of course there were white and yellow ones for friendship and then the ultimate red one from a secret admirer.

I think Sweetest Day was conjured up by Hallmark or the Florists because Mother’s Day was taken and Valentine’s Day was another 4 months down the road.

We do not celebrate Sweetest Day here in The Ham. We do however have Confederate Day (the 4th Monday in April). Don’t get cranky. I understand that Confederate/Decoration Day was the South’s counterpart to Memorial Day.  How dare the Union Soldiers get their graves adorned with flowers and not the Confederate Soldiers.  It’s cool, but I think I’d like to make up my own holiday. One that I will celebrate no matter what state I happen to be in and on any day I choose.

On My Holiday we don’t have to buy overpriced bouquets or cards with sickeningly sweet poems. We don’t have to travel for hours cramped in the back seat of Dad’s Torino forced to listen to cassette tapes of Gordon Lightfoot. We don’t have to visit people we barely know who call themselves relatives or dress up in corny outfits for yet another priceless Olan Mills moment only to be captured for all eternity on this year’s Christmas Card. No folks, on My Holiday, we do whatever we truly want.

Example, some random Tuesday we call into work and take a personal/sick day and stay in our jammies all day while watching Lifetime Network and eating everything in the house (except for that gray furry thing in the butter tray). I also suggest flipping off the mailman and if you happen to be lucky enough to have a door-to-door salesman or religious nut ring your bell, by all means offer them a bite of your soupy ice cream and say, “I don’t get visitors very often”.  My Holiday!

Even better, some Saturday we go to our favorite store, buy ourselves some outlandish gift and have it gift wrapped. Next, we sit down for lunch in the food court and then surprise ourselves by opening it and squealing with delight in front of everyone! Loudly proclaim, “I’ve always wanted one of these!”  My Holiday!

Folks, sometimes acting like a big dork reminds us that everything doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. On My Holiday laughter would be the only requirement. Hope you all have a fab day today!

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