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February 18th, 2009 · No Comments

I bought a new bathing suit. Victoria’s Secret clearance sale. Ambitious, yes? It is a one piece, bright red and low cut in places I have no reason to believe should be accentuated by bare skin.  I have always been a bikini girl, but I am getting older. Rounder.

I recently heard a news segment about a study done on twins. In fact, the study came to the conclusion that the twin, who had gained a few pounds as she aged, became younger looking in appearance. That the extra fatty tissue helped to fill in wrinkles and fill out her face to an overall fuller, healthier appearance. While the thinner twin, with a more gaunt appearance, showed more wrinkles with age and tended to generally look older than her chubbier counterpart.

If this be the case, (and at the rate I am filling out), I should still be getting carded! I actually weigh more in pounds today than I did at nine months pregnant with any one of my three kids. I am currently wishing I could just birth this extra 20 pounds and be done with it. Preferably before March 14, which is the date I don that bright red billboard for Lay’s Classic Potato Chips and strut my stuff in Orlando.

Look out Mickey and Minnie, with a few carefully placed accessories we could have our identities mistaken by small children hopped up on sugar.

And I thought Disney was going to be amusing.

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