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May 25th, 2012 · No Comments

So begins the adventure of living in an apartment again after so many years of single home life. Hubby and I have been “sleeping” in the new place for 5 nights. I have not actually slept through the night yet.

Our apartment is a main level entrance, but there are residents above and below us. So far, the residents above must have hooves for feet because I can hear every step they take. I am also not a morning person, never have been. I don’t wanna talk, I don’t wanna do, I don’t wanna think before 9 a.m., but so far, the residents above have me up by 7 a.m. every day. We have also discovered that they must have a small yipe-y dog that gets shoved in a cage when they leave for the day, because it whines and barks for quite some time. Oh joy. By the way, I’m not a dog person either.

The neighbors below have introduced themselves and made comments like “Oh you’re so tiny, that’s why I can’t hear you too much. That’s so nice”.  I am certain they changed their minds after the grandkids came over for the first time last night. We watched them for about 2 hours but had to send them home. It was a mistake to have them over so soon as they do not understand apartment living or the fact
that Grandpa can’t play like he used to. Those poor people downstairs musta thought the ceiling was caving in as the grandkids danced and wrestled the
entire time. Not so “tiny” anymore, eh?

I have not ventured outside of the apartment yet. We do have a pool, a fitness room and a theater room. I am sure once I get the chance to people watch, these blog posts may get a little funnier.

Stalk you later.

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